Department of International Relations

International Relations as a field of Study covers the factors and processes that affect the interactions among state and non-state actors across national boundaries. The study and practice of international Relations is interdisciplinary in nature, blending the fields of economic, history, and political science to examine topics such as human rights, global poverty, the environment, economics, globalization, security, global ethics, and the political environment.

International Relations have a broad purpose in contemporary society, as it seeks to understand:

  • The origins of war and the maintenance of peace
  • The nature and exercise of power within the global system
  • The changing character of state and non-state actors who participate in international decision-making

International Relations students are provided knowledge and critical thinking skills that are necessary for professionals and individuals new to the field to apply in a variety of international policy and business endeavors. We continuously assess and align our international relations degrees to address the most pressing and relevant issues regarding international relations including diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, international organizations, and global development.

Department of Head



Dr. Win Min Aye

Professor and Head



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