Philosophy Department

The literal meaning of the word” Philosophy” is “Love of Wisdom”. There are general features of philosophy. They are philosophy is an attitude or a way of approaching diverse problems rather than a set of beliefs or doctrine, philosophy is a critical analysis and assessment of conceptions and meanings, philosophy is concerned with the decisions about values and philosophy is synoptic.

Philosophy has five subfields: Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics and The Philosophy of X. X means the subfields such as, Art, Religion or Theology, Science, History, Education, Mathematics, Psychology, Politics and even Philosophy itself.

Among these subfields, logic is concerned with questions about the nature of inference and critical thinking about daily life problems. Ethics is concerned with questions about nature of human conduct.

Ethics inquires about ways of life and rules of conduct, especially “Applied Ethics” deals with practical issues and controversies in order to find guidelines to action. So, generally speaking, the ultimate goal of philosophy is to give guiding principle to good life. The degrees conferred by philosophy department are B.A, B.A(Hons:) and M.A(Philosophy).

Department of Head



Name – Dr. Tin Tin Phyoe

Position   – Professor and Head



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